Ginza / 銀座
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描述:坐落于东京都中央区的银座,吸引着来自世界各地的游客前来购物。我去过三次银座,没有一次是为了购物,而是为了感受银座独特的设计气息,比如商城中的室内设计,大楼上的品牌标志以及游客手中的购物袋。 Ginza, located in district of Chūō in Tokyo, attracts tourists from all over the world. I have been to ginza three times, not once for shopping, but for the unique design of Ginza, such as the interior design in the mall, the brand logo on the building and the shopping bags in the hands of tourists. 通过我自己的理解,我设计了关于银座的新品牌形象。蓝色,银色和金色是这个品牌的主打色,蓝色代表着白天,银色代表了当地老式的建筑,金色则是商店在夜晚发出的光。 Through my own understanding, I designed the new brand image of ginza blue, silver and gold are the main colors of the brand, blue represents the day, silver represents the old local buildings, and gold is the light emitted by the stores at night.


Colours / 顏色

Member Card 1 / 會員卡(一)

Member Card 2 / 會員卡(二)

Member Card 3 / 會員卡(三)

Ginza's Shopping Bag / 購物袋

Christmas Theme / 聖誕節主題

Merry Christmas, Ginza / 聖誕節快樂

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