People with long noses 长鼻子的人
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描述:这一系列作品画的是一个尖鼻子的人,尖鼻子的人的灵感来自于“匹诺曹”,他是一个说谎鼻子就会变长的人,我们在成长的过程中会说很多谎无论是善意的还是恶意的,谎言伴随着我们慢慢变长的鼻子,画中的人,似乎都是一个人,但是他的表情不同,头发颜色不同,表现了他不同的境遇和成长过程。我:nose are inspired by the "Pinocchio," he is a liar nose will become longer, we will say a lot in the process of growth lies whether benign or malicious, grow long nose, lies with our people in the picture, seems to be a man, but his expression, different hair color is different, different circumstances and growth process is showed.

标签: 插画“ People with long noses 长鼻子的人” 

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