Being: The Old and the New
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描述:Being: The Old and the New is a portfolio set that Sherley has currently been working on. It began with a commission, when she was asked by a client to create a piece for mooncake packaging, that was why the Moon and Rabbits has been done. Combined with some old painting techniques, this set displays Chinese traditional festive scenes with her own understandings and visual language developed: Spring Festival, Lantern Festival, Buddha’s Birthday, Autumn Festival and so forth. With these four pieces Sherley has already finished, the number is going to grow in the future.  Traditionally hand-drawn using old perspective drawing techniques to bring old Chinese painting style to an elaborate fantasy world setting. A touch of nostalgic feel was attempted to deliver to the viewer by applying archaized yellow color onto watercolor paper beforehand as a base color.

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The Old and The Now(古言·今语)is one of the pieces that I have been working on in Chinese traditional festival series. What the work portrays is a celebrating scene on Lantern Festival, which happens on the fifteen day of the first month on the lunar calendar. Writing verses and lightening up festive lanterns have been one of the symbolic customs since Tang, this has been set up as the main content in this work.

Seeking(寻) attempted to better express the connection between ancient and modern, the work constructs the perspective of the picture from a wide-angle lens visual angle: the viewer can see the boat from a “head-down position” slowly drifting toward the distance; in the middle of the painting, the shadow of the ancient temple door and dim lights can be seen vaguely; finally, at the top of the picture, the viewer lays eyes on the Buddha while the vision gradually turns to horizontal sight. It composes an interesting illusion as if standing high up looking at the Buddha face to face.

Selected traditional Winter Solstice as the theme of this work, Coming(至)illustrates a snowing winter scene. In order to stress the connection and harmony between human beings and nature, I focused on how to find an unusual way to compose the goat’s head and the men. Their size differences bring an interesting visual effect when the viewer sees the piece.

Year of the Mouse(春鼠) was initially created for the upcoming Chinese lunar new year. The work portrayed 26 little mice celebration scene, dragon parade as a traditional festive activity during the festival, was composed to be the theme.

The Moon and the Rabbits(桂婆娑) is a celebration scene, where people in China gather with family members, enjoy the glorious full moon and have a sumptuous meal together. The work follows the reading habit in old times: from right to left. As the scroll slowly unfolds, the reader enables to see a complete story starting with the beginning of nightfall, the dance, to gathering dinner, leaving the party after midnight.

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