Mushroom Boar
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描述:The tale of a wild boar, on the back of which mushrooms grew. Drew and wrote Svetlana Obolenskaya.

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In a Magical forest there lived a Boar. He was extraordinary. On his dense coat, as in the grass, grew mushrooms.

Maybe it\'s because mushrooms surrounded him from early childhood. He was born and raised in a Mushroom meadow. Dad and mom loved mushrooms and fed them to his son.

The Boar was cheerful and kind. He gladly shared mushrooms with other animals. But soon the animals began to abuse his generosity. More and more often he was annoyed and even sad: just think about something - on his head already jumping annoying squirrels...

Going to walk through the evening forest — fly screaming voracious birds...

Lay down to rest-and here he hears over the head noisy warm breath of a clumsy moose.

And little animals are always scurrying around, never give to be alone, to dream and enjoy the sunset.

One day the Boar came unhappy rabbits: \"You\'ve got bad mushrooms! Our brother ate too much and he felt bad!»

Mushroom Boar was very upset: \"Friends are angry with me! My mushrooms have become dangerous!\"And he went from the Magic forest to the mountains. He decided to settle where there is no one.

High among the cliffs found our Boar dark little cave and began to live there.

A few dreary days and nights he spent all alone. He was very sad, remembering the forest and all its inhabitants.

During the time spent away from home, Boar all overgrown with mushrooms. But one day, waking up in the morning, he suddenly felt a sweet aroma. He came out of the darkness into the light and saw that from his cave to the forest on each stone is a treat: pies, cakes, candy. \"My friends want me back!\" the Boar guessed.

In their native woods Mushroom Boar joyfully greeted the animals: \"We missed you so much without you! Forgive us! You our friend! You are kind, cheerful and generous!\" Small Mushroom Boar never discouraged. And all his friends were there!

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