The Wedding
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描述:Bridal chamber, as a traditional Chinese marriage customs, is an approach to delivery the best wishes and gather relatives and friends to facilitate communication and maintain the emotional relationship. But it exposed frequently on social medias and news of vulgar bridal chamber during wedding where people tend to behave indecently and what is even worse, sometimes those behaviors can even turn the wedding to a funeral. The indecent bridal chamber has already become a social concern, although there are relating regulations, this kind of phenomenons are still repeated (I finished this project a year before, by the time I edit the portfolio , I search online and unhappily, still found news about vulgar bridal chamber from recent month ). I investigate the phenomenon as research background to create illustrations, which I hope can trigger Chinese people's thinking about Chinese sexual concepts and education, and how to improve and solve the issue.

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The book cover of the Wedding.

The inside of the book.

The inside of the book.

Bridesmaid and groomsman with the new couple

The bride was blindfolded and was kissed by men in line to guess which was the groom.

A female friend, using chocolate cream to squeeze the heart shape on the bride\'s chest, then asked the groom to lick it in public to show their love.

Snowflake ribbon created the\"festive\" atmosphere.

The groom was tied to a lamppost, and the friends were throwing eggs, spraying soy sauce, and people came straight up to sprinkle flour. Was it the groom or the pancake?

Many of the groom\'s suits or bride\'s dress or bridesmaids\'s dress were ripped off and torn apart by deviants.

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