Domaine Wardy Un-oaked Blends
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客户:Domaine Wardy

描述:The Lebanese winery “Domaine Wardy” commissioned us at Tarek Atrissi Design to design the packaging of their new Un-oaked Blends series: The Beqaa Valley Red; The Beqaa Valley White; and The Beqaa Valley Rosé.A typographic solution was adopted for the packaging design, using the Arabic name of the brand “Wardy”, stylized in a vertical modern Arabic lettering,inspired by grapes tendrils. The packaging design uses color coding for each bottle and is characterized by its simplicity, elegance, recognizability, as well as a proud Lebanese identity.The packaging design was part of a wider re-branding project for the Lebanese winery, which includes revamping the visual identity of Domaine Wardy and gradually re-designing all their products, which include several brands of wine and Arak, some of them dating back to 1893.

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