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This illustration is created for ThinkPad X1 Poster and Wallpaper Design Contest. The theme is Yin隐. Yin means you want to hide, or being sad. I like the idea of hiding personally. Hidden, for me, is a mental state which you search for inner peace and find who you are. I created this girl with her face hidden under a wide edge hat. She enjoys her journey in nature. Nature is really a treasure we have. When you immerse yourself in nature, that is the moment, you know what is real, what matters to you, who you love, and everything... 对设计上“隐” ——ThinkPad X1隐士壁纸设计大赛 隐,斯人也,如菊悠然淡雅。徜徉于天地间,行山涉水,赏乐音,观奇兽,吸收日月之华,闲然自得。 隐,是将自身至于自然之间。隐,也是自观,自在,自得。身形合一,行如流水。

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