Alina and the 12 Chinese Zodiac Patronimals 阿里妠和十二守护生肖
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描述:"Patronimals", which is short for the 12 “Patron Animals". Alina lives in a town called "Golden Leaves" and one day, the Saint Mazz foretold that the town will soon be destroyed by a beam of death light. "To save the town, we need to send 12 different kinds of animals to the space of Zodiac Palace - they need to have their own unique characters and skills” . Alina then brings all her animals to the big apple tree on the back hill - "the Gate of the Blissabiss"....“守护生肖”是十二只“守护动物”。阿里妠生活在一个叫作“金树叶”的小村庄里。有一天,圣者玛兹预言说,很快村子就会被一束死光摧毁。圣者告诉阿里妠,“要拯救村子,我们必须把12只不同种类的动物送到周轮宫殿 —— 它们个性独特,各有所长”。于是,阿里妠带着她的所有动物们奔赴村里后山的大苹果树 —— “极乐渊之门”……

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