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描述:In the contemporary society, personality is awakening. However, for China society, the rejection of personality is still secretly rooted in the consciousness of the mass. There is a strong pursuit of standardization of people. The handbook is to demonstrate that in this environment, when becoming the "ordinary people" recognized by the society, some characters and emotions need to be relatively hidden and retained .The clue of this project is "mesh". All the illustrations have the patterns of mesh (made of crossing lines, which is called "网" in Chinese). These patterns represent restrain of characters and emotions in our culture.

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This illustration represents the character of sensitivity.

This illustration represents the character of indifference.

This means the character of cowardice.

It represents desire.

It means this guy is frustrated.

It represents lust.

This illustration means sadness

In this picture , this guy despairs of his life and commit a suicide.

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