It's Gin O'Clock Identity
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描述:It‘s Gin O‘Clock was one of the most successfull Facebook Gin blogs in Germany but urgently needed a strategic re-branding. Therefore, stay golden was asked to develop a new logo and look. The already established name It‘s Gin O‘Clock was the center of the logo development. A watch is cited within the in a reduced form. Similar to the labels of gin bottles, the logo was provided with a label system. The logo can flexibly adjust its alignment (up, down, left, right) through a defined proportion ratio.Puristic, clear elements interact in an elegant and independent way. This is expressed, among other things, by the stringent use of white and black as primary colours. It‘s Gin O‘Clock also goes its own way typographically: two narrowed typeface families are used within the brand appearance: The Editor Condensed and the Flama Condensed. The visual world is also reduced and withdrawn. Duplex motifs from the world of gin and beverages are put in use. In combination with lettering, calm and co

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