Fashion illustration
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客户:Personal work

描述:Some fashion illustrations i been done in watercolors, ink or colored pencils.

标签: fashion  illustration  moda  traditional art  watercolors  woman 

Ralph Lauren Fashion illustration done in watercolors. 2011

Illustration done in black ink and colored pencils. 2012

Fashion illustration done in recycled paper. 2012


Fashion illustration of the model Paola de Orleans in watercolors. 2011

Alexander McQueen fashion illustration done in watercolors. 2012

Fashion illustration done in watercolors.

Valentino fashion illustration. China ink and watercolors. 2012

Another fashion illustration in watercolors. 2011

Sara Sampaio fashion illustration done in colored pencils. 2012

watercolors. 2011

Regina Feoktistova fashion illustration. 2012

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