Le Corbusier - An Illustration Book on Architecture for Children
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客户:Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice

描述:The Picture Book is a student unpublished project created in Illustration Department in Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, Poland in 2018. The story of the book is based on Le Corbusier's life - from his early years to the old age. The aim of the book is to encourage children and their parents to get interested in the architecture and to show Le Corbusier's world (his life, love, art and buildings) in a intelligible and humorous way. Le Corbusier had a huge impact on our everyday life in all over the world, he was called "A Pope of Architecture", he invented modern houses - which we know as a block of flats, he dreamed about skyscrapers, he also reinvented the model of human proportions which is called "modulor" and he was even a creator of big cities - like Chandigarh in India in which Le Corbusier designed every single detail of the city.The children's book market actually is passing over the topic of biographies of famous people of the world, but it's very important to raise children

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The Illustration says about Le Corbusier\\\'s second love - the art - he was a painter and a sculptor, he was inspired by his old friend - Pablo Picasso.

The Illustration is about the Le Corbusier\\\'s favourite place on earth - the French Riviera, where he spent the best time of his live and where he ended his days.

The Illustration is about his greatest invention - the proportions of human body - the model was called \\\"the modulor\\\" and was the best reference of his architectural projects.

The Illustration says about the one of his best-known inventions - The Unité d\\\'habitation - it\\\'s a modernist residential housing - it\\\'s also the primary tower block and also the refernce for the others all over the world.

Chandigarh is a city in India totally designed by Le Corbusier.

The Illustration says about The Five Main Rules of Modern Architecture formulated by Le Corbusier.

The map of Le Corbusier\\\'s journeys in his adolescence.

The Illustration says about Le Corbusier\\\'s catholic designs - the Ronchamp Chapel and Dominican monastery Sainte Marie de La Tourette in France which are considered one of his most important works.

Le Corbusier - 13 poses, character design for the picture book

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