Bilingual picture book “Talk to me”
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客户:Bilingual picture book “Talk to me” was created with the help of cultural program “Gaude Polonia” in Toruń, Poland. Author and illustrator is Yuliia Tabenska.
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描述:It is a book about depression, loneliness, apathy and grieving. It’s about moments when we are left alone to face our deepest pain and our friends and family cannot help. It’s about unexpected events that can ruin our personal world. The heroes of this book are a mother who is unwell and her child who suffers along with her. The child’s world is limited to an apartment, a room or even a space in a closet. Several art objects were created to illustrate the book. They were sourced from old pieces of furniture, used toys or secondhand items. The picture book “Talk to me” has an open ending. It doesn’t give answers, but rather asks questions, or maybe can spark a thoughtful conversation.

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