Little Hakka 小凉帽
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描述:This is a folks tale of story that happened in Gankeng Hakka village in China. A girl name Liangliang used a magic hat to save a egret out of a mystical sleeping forest. Moved by her wisdom and courage, the egret gave her a nickname the Hakka Hat, and her story lives on.

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有一天,当月亮爬上树梢。凉凉做了一个梦。 一只美丽的白鹭在发出求救的呼唤。 “我被囚禁在了沉睡森林中,请快来救我。记住,进入沉睡森林的暗号就是凉凉猫,请快来救我......” One day, as the moon rose above the trees, Liangliang had a dream that she heard a beautiful egret pleading for help. The egret cried “I’m stuck in the dead forest, someone please come and help me. The secret code to entering the forest is Furball Kitty, please hurry.”

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