Le Port d'Anzali, The Port of Anzali
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客户:Publisher : Frimousse, France

描述:It's a picture book about a fisherman,Parviz who lives in Iran. The story is about Generosity,Liberality,Contentment, Responsibility in life. Parviz ,the fisherman,he fishes 10 fish every day, not one more and try to helps other people in his life.He gives one fish to Babak a old man who has no boat, he gives three fishes to the beggar, he sells two and gives 4 fishes to Yasmine to cook them. the story is about a man who is happy in his life with generosity.

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Cover of Book

Every day the fisherman, Parviz, went out fishing, and he fished a long time.

In the port, Khosro makes fun of Parviz:\"Look at him , with such tiny Liliput boat\"

and everyday Khosro makes fun of him

one fish for the old man in the port.

Parviz sells 2 fishes in the market and gives three fishes to the little poor boy.

Yasmin works in a little cafe and prepare each night a good dinner with fishes for Parviz.

beautiful night in the Cafe.

Khosro is curious and jealous and he is looking for Parviz.

Khosro is curious to know Parviz Fishing spots and for this reason followed him around. But Parviz was smart enough and walked away.

Anzali lagoon, near the port

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