Our Bathroom
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描述:Illustrations made out of paper and cardoboard cut with laser cutter and then painted with ink and watercolor, glued and photographed.Not yet published.the story is of someone who goes to their old neighborhood and describes how they lived in an old abandoned bathroom. parents, five children and grandmother, and every now and then their aunt with their cousins would visit from the window.

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A few days ago I went to visit our old neighborhood

We were all staying in an abandoned bathroom. It was small but We thought it was a palace

I never left the bathroom, but I did not complain,from the window I could see two lemon trees and the sky in the background. our parents would go out and bring us food from the neighborhood.

And at night we would all sleep together in the bathtub. me, my parents, my four brothers and our grandmother

I usually slept well. But there was a night when I saw a nightmare: The neighbor\'s fat cat was chasing us and almost caught my uncle. but it was only a dream.

What a great time did we have in our bathroom!

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