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客户:Svetlana Obolenskaya

描述:The story of a Baby who lives happily with his family on a wonderful planet. And one day a space rocket arrives to them. Svetlana Obolenskaya drew and wrote.

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Baby\'s life is wonderful. Mom and dad love him very much.

He has brothers, and they\'re so much fun to play with.

Sometimes grandfather comes to visit. He\'s lovely, though he doesn\'t say much.

Baby teaches his brothers to climb trees.

And on weekends he\'s with his daddy circus acts.

It\'s so nice to go for a walk: to get out of the house, and then across the field and the river...

...through the forest...

and the mountains...

What\'s that ? It wasn\'t here before!

How awful!!!

Hurry home! Through mountain, forest, river, field...

Here\'s home! Dad! Mom! There is SOMETHING!!!

The unknown thing has already disappeared into the swamp, and two strange creatures sad sitting on the shore.

Well, they were quite harmless, and with them life has become even more interesting!

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