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描述:Olivine is a versatile type family that performs admirably across sizes. It is designed with maximum care ensuring legibility across various sizes, angles and distances. The sturdy shapes and the exaggerated ink traps fade to produce an even typographic colour and a lively texture in smaller text sizes. In larger display settings, the details become self-conscious and highlight the spectacular quality of the design. Olivine is neither experimental nor minimal, striking a balance between formality and friendliness.Olivine is clean as well as organic at the same time. Consisting of seven weights in roman and italics, the type-family address typographic hierarchy for texts of all kinds and sizes. Distinctive, yet neutral letterforms add personality to the type family. The counter-forms are large and open giving the design plenty of internal space which is balanced against the generous spacing of the characters. These features of Olivine make the reading process enjoyable in digital as wel

标签: sans  olivine  versatile  display  organic 

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