Etna Pasticceria Graniteria
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客户:Etna Pasticceria Graniteria

描述:Etna Pasticceria Graniteria is a confectionery shop in the centre of Brescia. Strong point of this patisserie is the ability of transmitting the culture, the flavours and aromas of Sicily in a city of northern Italy thanks to traditional products and cuisine and the experiences enjoyed by clients in this sales point. At the beginning of 2017 Etna Pasticceria Graniteria changed ownership but attention is still focused on the accurate selection of raw materials, the same passion is dedicated to the preparation of both sweet and savoury specialities whilst a new approach has been given to communication. To mark this change in management, the shop underwent restyling both inside the premises and in the use of online tools (facebook). First of all, we worked on the logo: the colours chosen, tones intended to delineate the mood of the coordinated image and online communication, were blue, gold and white, colours which, in people’s imagination, immediately conjure up the natural splendou

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