Caffè Cartapani
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客户:Caffè Cartapani S.p.A.

描述:Caffè Cartapani is a company in Brescia that, ever since 1951, has been combining tradition and technology in the art of coffee roasting. Only the best coffee beans are chosen and Cartapani’s continuous research and investment in systems and equipment has placed the company in a leading position, guaranteeing a superior product under every single aspect. In 2017 the decision was made to renew the company look: the move to new premises and adoption of new 4.0 systems sparked a desire for restyling: from the release of the company’s historical logo to the advertising campaign, from packaging to a new digital strategy through its website and social media. The agency’s primary objective was to reposition the company: from being a provincial reality to national level, enabling the brand to compete with the “big” in the coffee world. The first fundamental task was therefore the restyling of the brand: if the colour of the old logo has been maintained, the lettering has been redesigned,

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