Cold Dishes Product packaging-扬城冷菜产品系列包装
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描述:包装用扁平的图形,改变对小食包装固有的概念,用品牌形象物“螃蟹“的各个部位,融入到画面中,增加包装的趣味性。“海苔花生米”是一只被砸得眼冒金星的螃蟹,用星星代替了花生米,画面中只保留了螃蟹眼睛;“糖醋蒜头”是一只在被热气球吊起的螃蟹,用热气球代替了蒜头,画面中出现了螃蟹的脚与眼睛;“泡椒凤爪”是一排形态各异的蟹脚,与简化的鸡爪图形做结合。 Packaging with flat graphics, change the inherent concept of snack packaging, brand image "crab" parts, into the screen, increase the interest of packaging. "Seaweed peanut rice" is a crab that has been smashed into the eyes of Venus, replacing peanut rice with stars, and only the eyes of crabs are preserved in the picture; "Sweet and sour garlic head" is a crab suspended by a hot balloon, which replaces garlic head with hot balloon. The foot and eyes of crabs appear in the picture; "pickled pepper and chicken claw" is a row of crab feet with different shapes, combined with simplified chicken claw graphics.


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