Mleczna Dolina
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描述:Mleczna Dolina is a private label of Poland's largest chain of grocery stores Biedronka. The Mleczna Dolina (Milky Valley) is dedicated to dairy products. Our task was to rebrand the brand and build a new coherent packaging system. We designed 160 packages, which compose several product lines. Each line is defined by its own colour codes.

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Mleczna Dolina

Maciek Polak created illustrations especially for the Mleczna Dolina line.  In order to create a strong recognizable brand, we made the descriptive logotype important and highly impactful element of each package. The architecture of the packaging is economical and minimalistic, thought out so that the most important information is presented in a transparent manner. All Mleczna Dolina products are not placed  next to each other on one shelf, but are spread around in different parts of the shop. That\'s why one of our goals was to create a strong visual bond between all the  Milky Valley packaging. The challenge being that we had to find a universal solution while also creating 160 unique packaging designs.


Dairy products are delivered to the whole Biedronka chain of over 3000 stores by suppliers from all over Poland, who are also responsible for the production of packaging. As a result, the packaging and labels are not produced in one printing house, but in several printing houses from different parts of the country. This poses a risk of significant differences in the process of obtaining printing products. Therefore, we applied simple and economical solutions - we focused on creating a light design with a lot of white space. It was important that the packaging stand out from the multitude of other products on shop shelves due to its consistent and impactful design. Thanks to this, the consumer is able to quickly read the information they are looking for - what the product is, its flavour, the percentage of fat, etc.


We managed to create one of the strongest and most successful dairy brands on Polish market today. Among the economy brands we created a new standard in packaging quality.

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