Nerdery Rebrand
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客户:Nerdery and Little

描述:We rebuilt our brand around appealing to our ideal customer – small to mid-size enterprises ($500M - $5B) who have yet to significantly invest in moving digital to the core of their organizations, but now understand the urgency and want to accelerate their digital transformations, innovations, modernizations and operational initiatives.Along with the website – and mobile website – comes a new suite of branded collateral, brochures, signage, stationery, pens, pins, stickers and business cards, apparel and other swag – along with Nerdery’s physical space and trade show displays. With Nerdery’s new brand, we’ve shifted our focus from transactional custom software design and development to digital consulting for enterprise companies by building brand confidence in the marketplace and creating trust with enterprise-level companies who have complex problems to solve.Credits:Ian Davies ( Little

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With design firm Little

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