Mural Art Park
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客户:Mural Art Park

描述:CLIENT One of the largest outdoor art museums in the United States (Frisco, Texas), with a specific focus on murals. The name of the project is the Mural Art Park.The client wants to bring the world’s top muralist into a 1-acre park surrounded by walls of different dimensions for the entire world to visit and enjoy. CHALLENGE This is a place where art and recreation meet. It’s a mural art gallery inside a park. The challenge was to make the branding for it feel inclusive, welcoming, flexible and most of all entertaining. LOGO Our proposal was a stretched M because it wants to give space for anything to start happening. This logo gimmick wants to collect many diverse styles, messages, and themes. It will always change depending on the layouts and what is communicating. When stretching the logo we realized that we can also add more relative facts, dates, texts etc inside it. Because everything happens inside this park, then all can exist inside the logo. After expanding the M, we also pl

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