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描述:Client In a strict sense, mOre is a hub in Kiev, Ukraine. It hosts events, workshops, and studios. Generally speaking, mOre is beyond all classic formats. This is the place where great ideas are born, new meanings are formed, modern and timely cultural projects are created. A place where the power of creative group thinking reaches its peak and the quantity goes into quality. The key thing about mOre is that it will host great debates, with well-formed ideas about business, innovations, social and cultural changes. Challenge By this synopsis, we were asked to create meaningful branding. Our goal was to start conversations and make people curious about this space. Our approach was to make people view mOre as a birth point for ideas, movements, and cultural trends. Concept To transmit the main idea and purpose of mOre hub, we used the circle icon, because of its deep meanings and philosophy. The circle is one of man’s first symbols. It is inclusive. It invites people to come togethe

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We used stickers that contain fields of discussions hosted in the mOre space. The stickers are then placed on objects that are used for creative tasks. We feel that mOre engages in the work process, idea findings, creativity, trends and so on. That is why we brand any instrument that will guide to the realms of creativity with mOre stickers.

We made a meeting point to mark the entrance to the mOre space. It is a concrete sphere, about 3 meters in diameter. It marks the place from across all angles and it stands out from any street point. It will be painted from time to time by renowned artists. It will always be something entertaining to see. This will be a memorable installation for everyone who comes across it.

This image transmits the philosophy behind mOre. It is a pop culture and art history inspired sculpture. This piece is composed of two very different materials. It is the Nike statue in a fragile pale white material reconstructed with powerful modern electric blue limbs and head. mOre is about adding ideas, provoking curiosity, and rethinking of the whole innovative process.

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