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客户:Midost e.V.

描述:Studio Wu 無 was entrusted with the redesign of the visual identity for "Lektorenprogramm in Asien“– a scholarship by Robert Bosch Foundation and the association Midost e.V. which enables young graduates from Germany to teach German and to realize self-organized projects at host universities in Eastern Europe and Asia for the duration of 1–2 years. The result consists of multilingual typographic visuals translating the central term „Begegnungen“ (Engl.: encounter) into asian and eastern European languages, all created in screen-print aesthetics emphasizing the experimental character of the project.

标签: Lektorenprogramm   multilingual identity  cultural project  typography 

Lektorenprogramm – Visuals with Eastern European and Asian Language

Lektorenprogramm – Poster

Lektorenprogramm – Postcards

Lektorenprogramm – Umbrella

Lektorenprogramm – Cotton bag with Asian Language Visual

Lektorenprogramm – Cotton bag with Eastern European Language Visual

Lektorenprogramm – Wood Case with Logo for Business Cards

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