SNOCK Premium Wine Crackers - packaging
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描述:Snock is the first premium cheese snack specifically designed to accompany quality wine consumption. The snack is made exclusively from natural ingredients, using special ingredients such as Manchego sheep cheese, porcini mushroom or Grana Padano cheese.The consumption of cheese and wine has been connected for centuries, and the trader wanted to renew this tradition. The snack is currently made up of six unique flavors, each of which suits a typical wine variety.The minimal style and elegant appearance of the packaging is striking, yet simple, so it delivers the premium quality. The unique shape of the boxes refers to the main component of the snack, the cheese. We had to keep in mind that packing will include snack, so practicality and functionality were a basic requirement.The products will be found primarily on the shelves of wine shops and vinotheques, so they should fit into the exclusive environment as well.

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