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客户:Porvadászok (Dust Hunters)

描述:Dust Hunters is not a traditional cleaning company. It consist of clever and fearless experienced "cleaning agents", whose goal is to preserve the health of people in any dust and stain situation. Wherever they come out with their sharp eyes and their super-devices quickly collect allergy causers. The spots have no chance against them.In the design this cool, unconventional communication was complemented by exciting visuals. Dust Hunters are a sort of dirt site investigators who detects dirty situations and parasites and solves problems. The image also includes a cordon and an SOS action car.

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Dust hunting - do not cross

Clean mattress - proper home

Detecting dust and dust mite - Dust hunting - The whole bed is clean and fresh

SOS stain removing

Documentation of a dust hunting process

After 15 minutes this room will be perfectly clean.

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