PartyMiiix frozen meatballs - packaging
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描述:Party Miiix is an unconventional, quick-frozen product line. Its introduction was preceded by market research, brand strategy, product positioning awareness. The target group is young people who choose PartyMiiix for meetings. The goal is to reach out to new consumers, therefore we need to show the market something, that they haven't met before. The unique, creative communication and packaging of the product serves the purposes of the brand.The central message of the brand is not to take yourself too seriously, enjoy life with humor, playfulness - making PartyMiiix lovable for the 'z' generation. The design is therefore showy, colorful and based on gags, with dancing meatballs and chilling cheese snacks. The backbone of the concept is represented by humor in graphics and subtitles, giving the opportunity to create a love-brand.

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