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客户:Liliput Toy World

描述:Liliput is not just a traditional toy store network. With the design, we drop into a fairytale world where elves live. During the creation of the toy world, the 10 elves were assigned a unique personality and their characters were created accordingly. So marketing, psychology and design are linked in the brand.The elves are as diverse as the kids: there are sharp-edged, eternal moving, bookworm, animal-friendly. Their job is to guide the kids, their parents in this wonderful world and help them find the most suitable products.Storybook, coloring book, unique merchandisign products made for the branding design and the elves themselves have become plushes.

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We wish you a Happy Nameday! Be our guest for a Chocolate Shake!

I\'m a princess.

Regular customer card

Cookie coupon

Gift voucher

Poster for Liliput Family Day

Easter campaign poster

The Elves\'s Christmas Tree - a story book as a gift for customers who visit the store in holiday season

Key of the coffer - more adventures are waiting for the elves

I am the travel guide of Liliput Toy World. Can I help you?

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