Xixi Paradise Walk mall
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Xixi Paradis Walk

Xixi Paradis Walk, will have established by 2020 in Hangzhou, is a shopping mall brand of LONGFOR. Xixi Paradise Walk is expanded as a platform brand that operates not only as sub-brand of Paradise Walk series projects but also an independent mall brand. For this, it builds a new brand system and identity that can cope with expansion of the business to more various fields. The branding design tried to give representativeness to brand Xixi Paradise Walk through renewal to the new identity that can belong whole brand with taking into account to expansion to various sub-brands. the designing is like process of “from natural to urban”. With a Butterfly as the main body of the logomark, it conveys the business concepts of “urban life in peace ” and a figure of natural scenery. For strengthening the characteristics of the industry, vivid blue, mint, violet and orange were choosed as the brand colors, geometric shape of wave increases the gentle water feeling of the logomark established a m

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