Cage Free Greece
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描述:Cage-Free GreeceLogo for an Animal Welfare InitiativeThe Briefing:Public interest in Animal welfare has been steadily increasing throughout recent years, but the truth is that there still is so much to be done. This is a long race with no obvious end in sight - but a race absolutely worth running. And every little helps. The Cage-Free movement was initiated in the US and recently started its activation in Greece as "Cage-Free Greece". Being one of the new contributors to this fight, it has a very clear mission: to end the abuse of farmed animals and reform the inhumane practices used in the factory farming industry. Their efforts focus on freeing the egg-laying hens from the suffering of cruel cage confinement. Before getting there, end-consumers have to be informed on the hideous conditions that define battery farm egg production and the cruelty that animals undergo in the process. On the top of that, stores, companies and businesses are asked to commit themselves not to procure eggs

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