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描述:Any-Q是一个专注健康皮肤管理的医疗美容机构,为爱美女性提供皮肤检测、护理及抗衰老的医疗美容服务。绿色、健康、安全是Any-Q的核心价值观,品牌形象将Any-Q的价值观最大化的融入到设计当中,将代表绿色生命的枝叶与Any-Q英文字体完美结合,手写形式的字体更体现了自然、亲切,给人安全舒适的视觉印象。 Any-Q is a medical cosmetic organization engaged in healthy skin care, providing skin examination, nourishing, anti-aging medical and cosmetic service for women with the love of beauty. Green, health and safety are the core values of Any-Q. The values of Any-Q are integrated into the design of brand image to the utmost extent. The leaf that represents green and life is combined with English font of Any-Q and the font in the form of hand writing is more natural and friendly, showing a visual impression safe and comfortable.

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