Private customized brand design
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描述:1. The ancestors - private customized surnames Cultural and creative brands aim to cater to people's unique feelings of surnames through private customized business models, create cultural and creative products about surnames, promote surname culture, and increase business value. 2. The "grandfather" cultural brand image uses the Chinese font of "zu" to be the basic element of the logo. 3. Use the vertical text arrangement in the family tree of hundreds of families. 4. Also add the stroke features of the Otaru font. 5. Take the “Chinese knot” line and connect the interlocking features, and combine their strokes to form a visual cultural symbol. 6. The brand name “Zhu Ji” reflects the beautiful meaning of the surname culture and has a long history. It also reflects people's recollection of the ancestors and the sustenance of future generations. It is also a manifestation of feelings.

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