The Tattoo
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客户:Gaivota/Biruta publishing house

描述:The brand new Gaivota (Seagull) publishing house is very close to the traditional Biruta (Nuts) publishing house. The book THE TATTOO was officially launched last April in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I guess it will be available very often in bookstores and on google very soon.

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This book retells a traditional Luo people story, from Kenya. All illustrations were based on their typical iconography, culture, landscapes and aesthetics. And also poetically reinvented. My artworks mix monotype, natural dyes and digital retouching.

Duany dreams with the most beautiful tattoo in her village. Because she intends to marry a good husband.

A girl under the shadow of the sacred baobab. The old tattooist is in the background.

Duany is cheated by the big Python.

Luo people at ordinary work.

The sinister Python convinces Duany to seal a deal.

Rumbe, the brave warrior, wants to marry the most pretty girl in the village.

Duany cries in silence. She cannot reveal to anybody the deal with the snake in return for your most wonderful tattoo.

Nyatiti musicians at night plays funeral and gloomy songs.

Duany was trapped by the Python. But the Luo warriors are ready to face the giant Python and to rescue the girl.

At the last moment Rumbe cuts off the head of the great snake. The curse is over. Duany marries the brave warrior.

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