Fantastic Animals
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描述:《奇幻动物》矢量插画系列,绘制工具使用了Adobe Illustrator。2018年的新创作,主要是以世界闻名的奇幻动物作为蓝本,根据它们的流传故事和生活习性,结合我对它们的理解,重新创作。我很喜欢一些带有神秘色彩的东西,总会设想它的故事,挖掘更加有趣的部分,这次的插画系列,就是从,假如奇幻动物真实存在,那么在我们的现实生活中,可能会呈现的有趣形态。当然它们的传说一般都比较血腥,但是也有很有迷之有趣的特性,希望通过明快的色彩效果和矢量插画的利落表现手法,把我喜欢的特性部分介绍给观众。" Fantastic Animals" vector illustration series, drawing tools using Adobe Illustrator.The new creation in 2018 is mainly based on the world-famous fantasy animals and recreates them according to their stories and habits and my understanding of them. I like something mysterious and always imagine its story and dig out more interesting parts. This illustration series is from, if fantasy animals really exist, then in our real life, they may show interesting forms. Of course, their legends are generally bloodier, but they also have interesting characteristics. I hope to introduce my favorite features to the audience through lively color effects and agile expression techniques of vector illustrations.

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01 狮鹫格里芬,高贵之鸟,喜欢收集宝石,食肉。Griffin, a noble bird, likes to collect precious stones and eat meat.

02 月兔,象征永恒的吉祥物,深知长生不老的奥秘。Moon Rabbit,The mascot symbolizes eternity and knows the secret of immortality

03 凤凰,浴火重生的神鸟,可以直视太阳。Phoenix,God bird reborn in the fire can look directly at the sun.

04 独角兽,纯洁与黑暗的共同体,食草。Unicorn, pure and dark community, herbivorous.

05 卡托布莱帕斯,忧郁的垂头者,能用眼神和气息杀人,食草。Kato Blepas, The melancholy blue man, can kill people and graze plants with his eyes and breath.

06 蛇蜥,长着皇冠的高贵动物。Snake lizard, a noble animal with a crown.

07 克拉肯,以摧毁船只为乐,栖息深海,食肉。craken, happy to destroy ships, inhabits the deep sea and eats meat.

08 尼斯湖水怪,颈长5米,栖息湖泊,食草。Loch ness monster.The neck is 5 meters long, inhabits lakes and grazes plants.

09 鸭嘴兽,带毒针,杂食。Platypus,With poison needle, omnivorous food.

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