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描述:Branding Design for "Chorevma" (a Greek word for dancing in a group); an association focusing on the acknowledge, research and promotion of traditional Greek culture. We were inspired by a characteristic move of a pair performing the traditional Cretan dance “Sousta”; one of the few opportunities given to a young man of the time to show interest and affection to his beloved one in public. The logo design was based on clear geometric forms in black, which make the logo comprehensible and authentic. In order to form a complete corporate identity, we created a series of applications in black and white, in which we integrated the logo into old pictures of people in traditional costumes during special occasionsfrom all over Greece. Overall, the branding’s purpose, throughout the design process, is to reflectthe traditional Greek culture.

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Logotype Design

Poster for Christmas


Poster for the opening of the school


Business Cards

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