Miss Taotao and her Magic Rocket
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描述:“一诺号”有着神奇的魔力,可以带着桃桃小姐和朋友们四处遨游。对了,它还能随着周围的环境变化成不同的颜色和样子呢。“ENO” had a magic power and could carry Miss Taotao and her friends to roam around. By the way, it could also turn to different colors and appearances with the surrounding.

标签: 桃桃小姐、魔力火箭、梦幻火箭王国、遨游、朋友 Miss Taotao  the Magic Rocket  the dreamlike rocket kingdom  roaming and friends. 

One day, Miss Taotao decided to stroll about taking her Magic Rocket “ENO”. “Blue, green, black, red, and yellow, ‘ENO’, launch! ” She would drive the Magic Rocket to pass through a rainbow time tunnel and start a miraculous dreamlike travel to the rocket kingdom.

Passing through a cloud of colorful bubbles, “ENO” arrived at the miraculous dreamlike rocket kingdom.

Flying over a beautiful colorful Christmas woods, the Star River, Miss Taotao’s favorite, came to the sight in the front. Oh, I nearly forgot it. Magic spells should be cast before the launching: “people, mountain and earth, people, people and earth…, earth. ”Finally, the spells were completed. These were really long spells, and Miss Taotao was tired out.

There were motley stars of various shapes in the Star River, triangle fishes, round fishes, rectangular fishes… Just like the fancy lanterns in the festivals, swimming around the “ENO”. Swimming in the Star River for a long while, Miss Taotao bid farewell to her star friends. By the way, new magic spells shall be cast before coming out of water: “people, mountain and earth, people…7856”.

“ENO” just emerged from the water when Miss Taotao her pal Manman also came taking a “JIULING” magic rocket. “Taotao, let’s go to the Magic Garden together. ” Manman shouted in the headset. After a little time, they flew to an old castle, and the Magic Garden was just in this castle.

Ah yeah! How beautiful is the Magic Garden! Look, there are sunflowers higher than “ENO”!Miss Taotao and Manman walked out of magic rocket, intoxicated in an ocean of flowers.

Out from the Magic Garden, Miss Taotao drove “Yinuo” to pick up Xiaobao, another friend of her. Xiaobao, Manman and Miss Taotao lived in the same quarter—the Magical Peach Blossom Island. Miss Taotao flew to the lofty Magic Rocket Tower with Xiaobao in “ENO”. The top of Magic Rocket Tower was so high, and it stretched into the iridescent clouds in the sky.

Look, the friends came in the Magic Rocket and magic motor home. How bustling!

Miss Taotao pushed out a magic food cart to entertain the children. There were cakes, lollipops, ice creams and bread… Having taken the delicacies, the companions drove the Magic Rocket to play the game of hopscotch and all of them had lots of fun together.

After the busy day, all of them felt a little bit tired and they fell asleep in the Magic Rocket.

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