A grasp of wisdom
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描述:Shabaviz Publishing Company was established in 1984 to promote reading not just in Iran, but all over the globe. In a short time, Shabaviz realized that sustainable promotion of reading should start at the early stages of life. This led Shabaviz to specialize in high quality illustrated books for children and young adults.A long time has passed and now Shabaviz is doing what she intended to do as a mission and is moving ahead to hit her target even though it is still far far away.Shabaviz is the winner of the Bologna's New Horizons Award and has twice received Honour Diploma from Belgrade. Her titles are included in the Bologna, Bratislava, Belgrade, Barreiro, Cj, Noma, Sharjah and… catalogues and are Grand Prix, Golden Apple and BIB Plaque winners, Belgrade's Grand Prix, International Golden Pen and Golden Pen winners, Cj, Noma and many other award winners. The titles published by Shabaviz are also published in more than 50 languages in more than 30 countries. Here is a list of some a

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