Prova a dire Abracadabra!
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描述:Prova a dire Abracadabra! (Try and Say Abracadabra!)written by Maria Loretta Giraldo, illustrated by Nicoletta BertelleAll the little birds have learnt to fly.All but one: little Owl just doesn’t seemto get it!“It’s easy” Turtle says “You just need to say Abracadabra”. Little Owl tries, but... CRASH! He falls to the ground.“That’s because you need to have your eyes open AND say Abracadabra” Mouse states. Still, little Owl fails.“You need to have your eyes open AND say Abracadabra AND say it loud” Hedgehog explains.And little Owl tries and tries, until...A sweet and original picture book about doing our best and never giving up... even when saying ABRACADABRA is not really enough!

标签: courage  growing up  learning  mistakes 

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