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描述:Children illustration book called Footprints, I created this using traditional printmaking techniques. Story follows one individual, who gets in trouble, but gets rescued just in time. The helper, however, over night decides that it is time to part ways. Later on, the main character sees the footprints of his rescuer, but decides to choose a different way. Realizing that many of our friendly encounters in life, never bloom into anything more than just a quick exchange in words or actions. So, contemplating if that is the correct way to approach new encounters with people, abruptly ending them and possibly never seeing them again, I was inspired to create this book. The initial illustrations were created in Photoshop, then printed out, to decide on color pallet and composition. After that was clear, the book itself was created using screen printing (8 colors), and letterpress. All of the pages were then bounded by me into edition of 5.

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