Loudly, Softly, in a Whisper
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描述:Loudly, softly, in a whisper - non-fiction book for childrens, which explores the world of sound and silence, hearing and deafness, voice and quietness. It includes many interesting scientific facts and combines it with philosophical questions - how important is to listen, understand each other even without words, how to find ourselves in silence. Although sounds are invisible we can see them in colorful lines and spots, inspired by works of Kandinsky, who looked into connection of color and sound.

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Music. In the sea of known and unknown sounds we look for order and harmony. This is how music is born.

This is our voice. Our unique ways of sounding.

Our bodies perform their own music. They create so many different sounds!

We hear the loud life of the city. In it, sounds overley, multiply, and mix togeather, creating noice.

The sounds of nature calm us down. They improve how we feel, even when we listen to them in a recording.

Animals make sounds and listen to them in order to orient themselves in space, for contact, safety, or hunting.

The loudness of sound is measured in decibels. Sometimes it is so quiet that you need to listen, or so loud that your ears are ringing.

There are also lots of sounds that we do not hear. But other ears do hear them. The frequency of sound waves is measured in hertz.

People of sound. Thanks to them we hear much more and much better.

There are over 7 thousand languages in this world. Each language sounds different from others

It is important to find common language and understand the other person even without words.

And sometimes you need to spend time in silence.

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