I See That
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描述:I see that - non-fiction book for childrens, explores sight not only as sense of human body but also as philosophical vision of life. How communicate with world even without ability of seeing it. Here are many facts about visible and invisible world, sight and blindness, light and darkness, art and aesthetic. The main visual element in this book is a dot - it transforms into Braille alphabet dot, the planet, the eye or raster dot, showing the big mosaic of world around.

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I see myself in the mirror. However, the reflection does not always show who I realy am.

Facial expressions. I see you and recognize your face among millions of others.

Eyes help me find true treasures and save me from danger.

Sometimes eyes need help. I put on eueglasses. I look realy good in them.

Different optical devices.

A Microscope and a Telescope. Incredibly small objects seem surprisingly latge. And things that are extremely far away seem exceptionally close.

Animals can see better than us. Even in the dark.

I see more than what my eyes can see. And senses help me explore the world around me

Sounds, smells, and textures of the city help travel, not get lost, and always find the way home.

I look for beauty and find it even in simple things around me.

I have lots of ideas. In my imagination I picture what I have not seen yet.

Every day I learn something new and look at the world as if for the first time.

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