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描述:One grey cloud and an angry man. What could happen? Suddenly the wind blow the man’s top-hat. And this make him even angrier. The rainstorm is arriving. At first the man doesn’t like anything but you have to be careful with lightning because they could reach you. And at the end the rain is too much fun to avoid to play. Our angry man now is enjoying the bad weather... playing and smiling. But the rainstorm is short and the sun come back. And with the sun… the rainbow! Another opportunity to play. Why not? A picture book for pre-readers, full of sense of humour.

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The storm is coming. The wind blow the top-hat of our friend.

Hurry up! The rain is here and you need your umbrella.

Be carefull with the lightning. Ups! This accident make a change in our friend’s mood.

Rainstorms can be funny at the end. Let’s jump over puddles.

Oh! The sun comes back. The rainstorm is over and you only have to wait for the rainbow.

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