Mrs Evarista’s Orchestra
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描述:Mrs Evarista is a little lizard with a big responsability. She is an orchestra director but her orchestra has not musicians. For that reason, she pull of her trolley full of instruments looking for artists. In each step of this accordion book the trolley of Evarista lose one of the instruments in favour of a new animal arrives to take part in the orchestra. At the end with all the animals with their instruments the concert can start. The representation is similar to a theatre with a background in black who waits for the aparition of each character coloured in vivid colours to make a strong contrast.

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Evarista is a little lizard. She is an orchestra director who pull of her trolley full of instruments. She is looking for musicians for her orchestra.

The elephant takes the ukelele.

The weasel takes the trombone.

The frog takes the clarinet.

The orchestra is ready. The concert is going to start.

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