All but one
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描述:This is the story about a curious little mole. He follows a little bee and discovers a beautiful and different world in the surface. But when he wants to go back home, he feels lost. This picture book has two different readings. In one hand this is a story about how children need to discover the world and the wonderful it is, but also the necessity of being carefull and not leave our parents or family because we can feel lost. In the other hand the book talks about how parents have to help their kids to make this discovery. Kids cannot live “underground”, because children’s curiosity is stronger than anything. There are two powerful and opposite forces, children’s curiosity and parents protection, and both have to learn how to live together.

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They are all. They are similar but one of them is a little bit different.

Following the bee our little friend discover new worlds. Over his head or…

… under his feet.

The little mole continues his exploration. These animals are really big!

But at the end he miss his family and he feels lost. He cries and cries. Will he be able to find them?

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