A Frog in the Well
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One day,a turtle passed by the well.

The frog said:\"Hi, Mr turtle, would you like to visit my house? It\'s the biggest house in the world.I can introduce my best friend to you.\" He continued:\"I can jump up and down in the well.I can also take a bubble bath when I feel tired.You see how happy I am.\"

But the well was too small for the turtle to put his body in.

Mr turtle was angry,and said:\"Hum!I don\'t believe you.\"

The turtle shook his hand, and said goodbye to the frog.

On a sunny morning,a crow visited the well.

Mr frog asked:\"Hi, where are you from?\"

The crow said:\"I come from the sky.I have flown more than 100 miles and now I feel thirsty. So I want to find some water to drink.\"

The crow let the frog sit on his back.The frog held tightly the crow\'s feather,they swished out from the wellhead.

The frog walked in the woods for a long time,he started to miss his friend,Mr crab,who was waiting for him to go back home.

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