Homo sapiens猿始人品牌产品包装设计
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描述:与台湾原创护肤品牌Homo Sapiens猿始人合作的这一款香皂包装,创作以动物、自然为主题的插画。造型上沿袭了Homo Sapiens猿始人品牌的标识猩猩的造型,画面以猩猩分享给小猪一个牛油果来表现品牌崇尚的天然与和谐共生的主题,同时牛油果也是该产品的主要成分之一。画面色调以粉色为主,更具女性受众倾向性。画面远处的独角兽元素使得画面整体更具梦幻感,更像是一个关于自然的童话故事,贴合了该品牌的设计要求。

标签: Homo sapiens猿始人品牌产品包装设计 

Homo sapiens product packaging design

Beginning with Taiwan original skin care brand Homo Sapiens cooperation of this soap packing, creative with animals, nature as the theme of this illustration.The illustration describes the ape is sharing an avocado to the pig which to show brand advocate natural and harmonious coexistence, the avocado is also one of the major components of the product at the same time.The color of the picture is mainly pink, which is more female.In the distance, the unicorn element makes the whole picture more dreamy, more like a fairy tale about nature, which fits the design requirements of the brand.

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