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客户:Sophia Georgopoulou (self promotion packaging)

描述:"Plant your Dreams and let them Grow" is the title of Sophia’s Georgopoulou self - promotion project and her wish for 2011! The actual tulip flowers and their "unique" names (e.g. "Red Emperor", "Pink Diamond", "Sweetheart" etc.) inspired the designer to create a series of ecological and interactive packages containing tulip bulbs. The packages were sent as gifts to friends and clients and offered them a unique experience by telling them to "Plant their Dreams", take care of them and see if they will grow (and come true) the following year.. The illustrations created on the packs were inspired by the name of each "unique" tulip and were drawn by hand.

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半坡 (11/04/11 16:07)
Spark Wang (09/02/11 03:09)
Simple without losing the organic feel, Nice!