Monyo Beer Labels
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描述:Monyo Beer Labels

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Monyo Beer Labels

MONYO Brewing Co. is one of the leading microbreweries in Hungary.Headquartered in Budapest’s Kőbánya district the company has by now acquired international reputation.


We participated in the company’s invited tender and were awarded with the opportunity to create a brand new image for the brand.


The primary platforms of their brand communication were the labels on the beer bottles. The labels provide the brand with a progressive and distinct image in Hungary and internationally as well, uniquely identifying the various products, yet coming together in a uniform display of labels for the entire MONYO beer range.


Our goal was to create a visual universe that was interconnected with its audience and reflected on the pubconversationss and funny stories, be those scenes from cult movies or associative images from everyday experiences.The graphic design here was basically a pop culture remix that gave birth to characters like DeadRabbit and Invisible Bikini which were both protagonists of tales from the pub.


These character lent their unique identities to the various beer types. Recurring label elements that provide a uniform on-shelf appearance to the products included visual details designed in identical illustrative style and a striking color scheme.

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